Want to win the battle against information chaos and infobesity?

Developers amazed by their code

Energize your team by giving them the right to reliable information

Give them the means to work efficiently thanks to an information reference framework providing a clear view on which system is to be used to manage what information.

Initiate a culture of information governance in your organization

Form an Information Management Governance Committee and get your stakeholders on board.

In order to:

  • Select the tools to manage what information
  • Define the single sources of truth
  • Build glossaries and controlled vocabularies
  • Set-up information procedures
  • Formalize information roles and responsibilities
  • Develop the training plan

and establish ownership on all these items.

Information governance workflow

Easily manage the development and maintenance of your information policy with InfoGov by Exquando

Information catalog

See at a glimpse what information assets are available with whose responsibility.

Application Portfolio

Make sure each tool has a well defined purpose and is not left unmanaged.

Find out which information sets are managed in any tool

Make sure to have for each infoset a single source of truth managed in one and only one tool.

Assess the information governance maturity of your organization

Launch workgroups to develop missing policies, procedures and templates.

Don't let ownership dissolve over time

With InfoGov by Exquando, when people change jobs or leave your organization, you can easily manage the redistribution of ownership of tools, procedures, infosets or training.

Negotiate the decisions that need to be made

Once you have a clear vision of the state of your tools, rules, info sets and their possible gaps, you can decide on the actions to be taken to change your information policy according to the strategic objectives of your organization.

Organize your decisions follow-up

Follow up all resulting decisions and actions thanks to the Kanban board. Information management governance is not a one off project but requires continuous attention and improvement.

IAI Awards

The IAI Awards

The IAI Awards competition, run by the GouvInfo association in France, aims to help and strengthen the legitimacy of initiatives in information gouvernance.

The infoGov project submitted in January 2021 by Marc Ansoult, CEO of Exquando, is an original method which aims to support the development of information governance based on Klaro, an agile project management tool.

infoGov was granted an award, handed over by Jean-Pascal Perrein, during a ceremony held in Paris in June 2021.

Information governance is a broad and multifaceted concept which is sometimes given very different meanings.

This article traces the origin of the word 'Governance' and raises a number of questions about the digital world we live in.
As the information governance bodies are still often poorly defined, the article calls for the establishment of information constitutions which would define, for each organization, the required bodies, their mandate and their budget.

What if the adoption of a real information governance has become today an essential step forward?

Click here to read the article

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