Want to win the battle against information chaos and infobesity?

Developers amazed by their code

Energize your team by giving them the right to reliable information

Give them the means to work efficiently thanks to an information reference framework providing a clear view on which system is to be used to manage what information.

Initiate a culture of information governance in your organization

Form an Information Management Governance Committee and get your stakeholders on board.

In order to:

  • Select the tools to manage what information
  • Define the single sources of truth
  • Build glossaries and controlled vocabularies
  • Set-up information procedures
  • Formalize information roles and responsibilities
  • Develop the training plan

and establish ownership on all these items.

Information governance workflow

Easily manage the development and maintenance of your information policy with InfoGov by Exquando

Klaro cards

Information catalog

See at a glimpse what information assets are available in what system with whose responsibility.

IT Ecosystem

Quickly find out which tool is being used with what purpose and under whose responsibility.

Klaro card detail
Kanban of cards by status

Team work

Review the tasks and track their progress with a Kanban board.

To gain control of your digital transformation journey,
get rid of information chaos and restore efficiency.

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